These People Did Exactly What They Were Told and the Results Are Legendary

Wed Jan 19 2022

Some people take instructions more literally than others, but you can’t really get upset when the person follows directions the way they interpreted them. No one can argue that these hilarious jokesters had good intentions and were simply trying to do what they were told.

These legends are proof that it is possible to beat the system without breaking any rules. These people have life figured out! No one can get mad at them and no one can deny that they did what was asked, but these geniuses still managed to get their way.

Write 80-100 Words

This student was asked to write 80-100 words and that’s exactly what they did! They were probably wondering why the assignment was taking their classmates so long when they finished in just a few seconds. The teacher would’ve had to give this clever kid an A, as they did exactly what was asked of them.

Perhaps the teacher will give clearer instructions next time? No judgment on the educator but to be fair, the assignment does not specify what to write about, so we can see how the kid got confused. This particular assignment was definitely a learning opportunity for everyone involved.

Parking for Green Vehicles Only

The sign says that the parking is for green vehicles only. Well, the vehicle is green, so technically it’s okay for the driver to park there. We really hope that this car didn’t get towed because the driver followed the sign’s instructions perfectly. They’d be able to rightfully argue their way out of any ticket.

One cop took to the internet to express his admiration. He said, “I’m a police officer and I would not ticket this car.” He then went on to explain how he’d defend the issue to a judge, “Your honor you can see how I was confused by the sign.” Now that’s a good cop!

When You’re Not Ready to Commit

Clearly, this person was not ready to make the commitment of agreeing to the license agreement but they still wanted their CD. Luckily, they had a genius solution to the problem that technically didn’t involve breaking any rules, but only technically. Now they have their disk and they’re commitment-free.

Now, the only thing that’s left to be explained is why this person has a CD in the first place, it’s 2022! We all need a more updated version of how to get around these terms and agreements. Can this genius please think of how we can do the digital equivalent of this for online content?

Color Half the Sweets

This teacher asked their students to color half the sweets, and that’s precisely what this kid did. No one can argue the child’s logic, and as far as we’re concerned, this student completed the assignment perfectly. The goal was for them to learn about halves and that’s what they did.

This kid has logic down pat, now they just need to learn to color between the lines. If the teacher wants to instruct the child about that, we suggest that they be extremely careful with their wording. It’s clear that this student takes every piece of instructions extremely literally.

Check if You Flushed

This public bathroom has accidentally created a system in which they know exactly how many people flushed, and who didn’t. Although many people misinterpreted the sign, it still had the desired effect and served as a reminder to flush the toilet after finishing with one’s business.

The winky face is the best part of this. Chances are, that face was drawn by the very first person to put a checkmark, as they were well aware of the chaos it would cause. This hilarious prankster did exactly what the sign asked, but we do hope that they actually flushed the toilet, as well.

What Do You Want for Dessert?

This happy customer was on a Disney cruise when the waiter asked them what they want for dessert and the person replied, “nothing.” So “nothing” is precisely what they got. No one can argue that Disney cruises go the extra mile to provide entertainment to their customers.

Did you notice that the sprinkles are tiny Mickey Mouse heads? How adorable/creepy is that! The person who took this photo said that the amusement their dessert provided them made them glad that they spent so much money on the cruise. Now that’s top-notch service!

No Shorts Allowed

These Swedish train conductors had the perfect response to their company’s new policy. During a massive heatwave, these workers were told that they couldn’t wear shorts and only pants or skirts would be acceptable. So, they protested in the best way possible.

These workers decided to follow the rules and wear skirts, rather than pants, during the extreme heat. No one can fire them, as skirts were specified in the list of acceptable clothing. No one said that the skirts had to be strictly for women. We think these guys look great and we’re sure they’re much more comfortable in their new style.

Buy Frozen Fruit

This lucky guy explained that he had asked his wife to pick up some frozen fruit at the grocery store. We don’t see any problem here, the fruit is definitely frozen. This is why it’s always best of pick up groceries yourself, you never know how your spouse might interpret things…

What we’d like to know is: Did the fruit come frozen like that from the store? Or did this guy’s wife put the sticker on herself in order to fulfill her husband’s request? We suspect that the store was out of frozen fruit but this woman didn’t want to disappoint her man, so she found the perfect solution.

When Red Light Shows Wait Here

This poor girl didn’t seem to understand that the sign was meant for cars, and she actually stopped to wait. To be fair, the sign is located on the sidewalk, where pedestrians are, so there is some element that’s confusing here. Let’s be honest, though: she was probably on something that caused her to make this mistake.

Apparently, this girl is from Britain, which does explain a lot. Brits are known for being polite and following instructions, so it’s no wonder that this girl is so obedient. We hope that she still managed to get to wherever she was going, on time. If not, she’ll have a great story to tell to explain her tardiness.

Do What You Love

This sign has instructed people to do what they love and that’s exactly what this person did! Apparently, they love drawing butts on stuff, to each their own we guess. Maybe they’re a budding artist? Clearly, this individual is living their best life. More power to them!

This artist has received some well-deserved praise from the internet. One person commented, “I wish my a** could exude pride like that.” While another individual wrote, “That is one shiny hiney.” A third person said, “Ooo, he’s a cheeky one.”

Buy Me a Coach Bag

This husband is clearly ready to have kids, as he just told a great dad joke! His wife asked him for a coach bag and he happily obliged. Of course, she meant the designer brand Coach, which her husband seems to be blissfully unaware of. At least she had a great attitude about it!

This husband proudly stated, “Love my girl so much surprised her with an authentic Coach bag today.” That, he did. It’s unclear if this guy really didn’t know what his wife meant or if he’s just super cheap. We hope that she did get her Coach bag in the end, but she probably still prefers this one.

Watch the Step

Someone very considerate put out this sign out to make sure that no one would trip and fall. We doubt that they predicted someone would do exactly as they instructed. The sign says to “watch step” so that’s exactly what this guy did. He must be a dad because this is a perfect dad joke.

We wonder how long he was out there, watching the step, and if anything noteworthy happened? What made him finally realize that it was okay to stop watching and move on? Or perhaps he’s still out there, watching that step, to this very day.

Towel Drop

Sometimes, people are just careless and they don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them. Either that’s what happened here, or this person just took the instructions very literally and didn’t want to be disobedient. However this happened, we bet that the cleaners weren’t too pleased…

To be fair, the cleaning crew probably should have checked to make sure there was a waste bin underneath the towel drop sign. But the person dropping said towel should have thought just a bit harder about the situation, too. Let’s just say that everyone’s a little bit at fault here.

Cover up While Breastfeeding

Some rude, and sexist, individual asked this woman to cover up while breastfeeding so she did. That’s his fault that he didn’t specify which part of herself she should cover. That’s what happens when you mess with Texan women, they’re tough, especially when it comes to their babies’ wellbeing.

This woman is, rightfully, being hailed as a feminist hero. One person wrote about her, “I’ve never met her, but I think she’s AWESOME!!” Another person said, “Go MOM!” And a third individual correctly pointed out, “I see more ti**ies at a beach/pool than I can of her breastfeeding right now. Yall need to chill the hell out, and sit tf down!”

Brian With a Y

Starbucks is known for their baristas being precise with the way they write names on the cups. This guy told the barista that his name was “Brian, with a Y” as in “Bryan” but the barista wrote down the name exactly as Bryan said it. At least he still managed to get his drink!

This particular issue seems to be all too relatable, as the internet let Bryan know that this has happened to many others. One person wrote, “Phteven says hi.” While another suggested, “‘Brian-with-a-y’s unite!” While one poor soul said, “Try being someone named Ken with a fairly nasally voice. I’ve gotten Ted, Ked, Ben, Jeff, Jed, even goddamned Matt once.” Clearly, Bryan isn’t alone.

Put Lemons in the Water

This person’s boss asked them to put lemons in the water and, being a good employee, they obliged. It’s unfortunate that the boss did not specify to slice the lemons first. Technically, this worker still did exactly what was asked of them, so they can’t really get fired, can they?

We have to be honest, this looks like the employee was just lazy more than anything else. That being said, they’re both lazy and clever. This genius has found a way to do the absolute minimum at work but without giving their boss a reasonable excuse to fire them. Well done.

Drive-Thru Pharmacy

Clearly, this driver took the pharmacy’s sign a little too seriously, as they literally drove through the building. They must have really needed their prescriptions urgently, they couldn’t even wait to find parking! We hope everyone was okay and that this driver learned what a drive-thru pharmacy really is.

While the emergency team photographed are professionally handling the accident, you can’t blame them for the small smirks they have on their faces. After all, this is likely the most ironic car accident they’ve ever seen. At least they got a good laugh during a hard day’s work.

One Pepperoni Pizza

This family ordered “one pepperoni pizza” and that is exactly what they got. They received one pepperoni on a pizza, as opposed to one pizza with multiple pieces of pepperoni, but those were the instructions that they gave. We hope they got a good laugh and still enjoyed their meal, despite the misunderstanding.

The internet seems to be pretty divided in terms of how it feels about this one. One person commented, “Smart a**es everywhere these days.” While another said, “Not sure if this would get me mad, or just laugh.” That’s the beauty of it, though. You can’t be mad because they followed the directions perfectly.

Name the Quadrilateral

Once again, it’s important for teachers to keep in mind that kids see the world differently than adults do. When giving an assignment to children, it’s important to be crystal clear, because young people’s minds simply work in different ways. Different, but brilliant.

This student was asked to name the quadrilaterals, so she did. She was very creative and thoughtful and came up with some wonderful names. It’s clear that this student put a lot of effort into naming the shapes and she should be commended for that.

Just Put Her in the Bed

When this guy’s baby daughter fell asleep in her car seat, he didn’t seem to know what to do. Luckily, his wife was available to give him instructions. Now, this man knew better than to upset his wife by not following her directions perfectly, so he made sure to do exactly what she said.

The amused mother explained the incident, saying, “Aaron came in the house with London asleep in her car seat and I told him to ‘Just put her in the bed.’ He did exactly that. I literally walked out of the room to laugh because I didn’t want to wake her up… I couldn’t be mad because he did EXACTLY what I asked.” Yes, he did.

Give Me a Hand

This adorable three-year-old just wanted to be a good kid and help out his mom. One couldn’t argue that he did help her by providing her with a laugh during what was, clearly, a stressful day. This mother asked her son to give her a hand, so that’s precisely what he did.

The look on his face makes this adorable situation even more hilarious. This child appears to be determined to help and he looks completely certain that this is exactly what his mom meant. We hope he didn’t knock down that mannequin in his eagerness to give his mom a hand! Maybe it was already toppled over and that’s why he thought that’s what she meant?

Clear the Counter

This woman asked her husband to clear the counter, so he did. However, instead of actually cleaning up the mess and putting everything where it belonged, he just threw it all into the sink where it still needed to be dealt with anyway. Sometimes, husbands and children do chores very similarly, don’t they?

Some men purposefully do chores around the house incorrectly so that their wives won’t ask them to do it again. We truly hope that’s not what happened here and that this guy was truly just trying to follow directions. We do have to hand it to him: that counter is very clear.

Put Some Spaghetti on the Stove

In yet another example of husbands not understanding how to do household chores, this guy’s wife asked him to put spaghetti on the stove, and being the dutiful husband he is, he did just that. It is spaghetti and it is on the stove, we have no complaints here.

This guy’s wife laughingly posted on her Twitter, “Last night I asked my husband to put some spaghetti on the stove so I could start dinner when I got home… I’m a very lucky girl… On the brighter side, the pasta was cooked by the time I got home.” So maybe he did understand what she meant, after all?

Show Your Thinking

We can all remember back when we were in school and teachers would ask us to show our thinking, it was always a tricky question. How are you supposed to convey your entire thought process on a piece of paper? Especially if you’re a child. Luckily, this genius kid had the solution.

If this student didn’t get an A, then this teacher is heartless, because the answer is adorable! On top of that, the kid did actually get the question right and did what the directions said in the follow-up question. If you ask us, everything appears to be perfect on this assignment.