These People May Be Petty but Their Victims Got Exactly What They Deserved

Tue Jan 04 2022

We’ve all been guilty of pettiness at one point or another, but these people take it to a whole new level! For them, being petty is an art form and they’ve got it down to perfection. Before you judge these people, maybe ask yourselves if their victims had it coming…

This is what happens when you mess with a petty person. You may walk away thinking “I’ve won that fight” but a petty person will always win the long run. The amount of time and effort these people put into their revenge is absolutely hilarious. But be warned: You may be next.

Passive-Aggressive Level: 1,000

This is what happens when your partner is equally passive-aggressive and organized. We get it: You can’t leave the bed unmade because that would just be chaotic. However, you also don’t want to do any favors for the person you’re mad at. This seems to be the perfect solution.

The person who took this photo wrote, “My husband was angry this morning so he decided he was only making his half of the bed.” One witty person commented, “Fake! In which marriage does the husband get a full half of the bed for himself?” That’s actually a valid point.

That’s One Way to Get Out of Doing Chores

This dad assigned his kid some chores and we think he may be regretting it. Clearly, his child really didn’t want to wash the porch and he was going to make his feelings known. Instead of having a temper tantrum, as most kids would. This child took the petty approach and technically finished his chore…

Something tells us that this kid was assigned even more chores after that. Although, if the dad is as sharp as his son, he’ll assign chores that his kid won’t be able to put hidden messages in. This kid is definitely going places. Probably to his room, since he’ll be grounded after this stunt.

When It’s Halloween and You Hate Your Neighbors

This guy knew his neighbors would come to his door for trick-or-treating on Halloween. Here’s the thing, though, he hates his neighbors. You never want to be that person who doesn’t hand out anything on Halloween because then your house will get egged. Luckily, this petty man found the perfect solution.

He wrapped grapes in candy wrappers so the trick-or-treaters would think they’re chocolate. Imagine the looks on their faces when they bit into their “candy” just to find out its fruit! The time and effort it took to achieve this level of pettiness are beyond impressive. His neighbors must be REALLY bad.

He’s Gonna Be Late to Work Today…

The internet is hailing this petty person as an “educated crazy ex” because she got her revenge but didn’t cause any actual damage to the car, so there won’t be any legal repercussions. This is how you do the classic “trash your ex’s car” without risking needing to pay for damages afterward.

Apparently, her boyfriend cheated on her so we believe that he had this coming. He’s definitely going to be late for work, and he’ll have a pretty hard time explaining to his boss why. This woman is an absolute genius and we can only hope that her next partner will appreciate her brilliant pettiness.

We Fully Support This One

This person has some seriously disgusting and inconsiderate neighbors, as they would constantly throw their cigarette butts in on his lawn. This guy finally got frustrated and decided to kindly return his neighbor’s property to them. That’s one way to kick someone’s butt!

If someone wants to harm their body by smoking, that’s their own decision to make. But to litter the remains of their dangerous habit onto their neighbor’s yard is just inexcusable. We hope they’ve learned their lesson. If not, maybe this guy can dump the bag onto their heads, next time.

This Guy Is Playing With Fire

We really don’t recommend trying this at home, we actually genuinely fear for this guy’s safety. His girlfriend wrote, “Woke up to my coffee jar like this after a petty argument with my partner.” We’re not sure this was the smartest move, as missing out on one’s morning coffee rarely makes people more sensible.

If anything, the disruption in his girlfriend’s morning probably escalated the argument. Seeing as how their fight was a petty one, this guy probably should have just let it go. But this is how it is when people are petty, sometimes they don’t know when to draw the line.

Don’t Tell Me What to Do

This dog is lovable proof that animals can be petty, too. Clearly, this is one canine who does not like being told what to do! In an epic act of defiance, he’s doing the exact opposite of what the sign is asking of him. We love the fact that this dog’s human is petty, too, as he’s clearly not doing anything to stop his fur baby’s rage.

Keep in mind that dogs like to relieve themselves in the same spot that other dogs have been before. Meaning, that other canines have taken offense to this sign as well. Let’s be fair: Dogs are already trained not to do their business indoors, the outdoors are supposed to be their safe space.

Tacos Fit for a Thief

This petty person is making the perfect tacos for the guy at work who keeps stealing his lunch! We argue that this disgusting meal is well deserved. You know what they say, revenge is best served cold… And sometimes, from a can of cat food.

Now, this guy could have just confronted whoever it was, or if he didn’t know who it was, he could have made an office-wide announcement. But what’s the fun in that? Truly petty people know how to find the joy and creativity in getting perfect revenge, all while luring out the thief.

Some People Really Don’t Like Florida

This woman has family in Florida and she’s clearly not a fan of the state. Maybe she’s unhappy that her family is so far away? Or maybe she’s just sick of hearing the infamous “Florida man” news stories. Whatever it is, she gladly showed off her Florida-less mug to her relatives.

This woman posted her anti-Florida photo on Instagram and captioned it, “If you think I didn’t send these mugs to my family members down south for Christmas, you underestimate my level of pettiness.” We already thought she was petty for just owning this mug, but to send it as gifts takes this woman to a whole new level!

Marking the Map

This man’s pettiness is so epic that he’s been maintaining it since 2009! Apparently, his neighbor built a huge garage, and painted it bright purple, upsetting the entire neighborhood. This guy got sweet and petty revenge by mowing his lawn to let everyone know exactly what he thinks of his neighbor.

This is how the petty neighbor’s lawn appears on Google maps. He has been consistently mowing it this way and maintaining his stance, for all these years. We have no doubt that he’s the hero of the neighborhood and Google maps users alike.

He’s Just Following Directions

This boyfriend clearly takes what his partner says very seriously, as he follows her directions exactly as she says them. His girlfriend said, “My boyfriend asked me what I wanted to eat and I said ‘I don’t know’ and this is what he brings me.” We see nothing wrong here.

Clearly, this guy is a genius and has opened the door for many other hilarious ways to annoy one’s girlfriend. He can take her to a restaurant called “wherever.” He can make her a bowl of “you decide.” He can even label one of her dresses “I have nothing to wear.” The possibilities are endless.

The Spoon Was a Thoughtful Touch

This photo was aptly captioned “The jelly drawer. A classic.” We hope that the victim of this office prank at least likes the dessert. We thought the spoon in the drawer was a very thoughtful touch. You know, just in case this person’s colleague wasn’t prepared to eat a drawer full of jelly that day.

We really hope this person didn’t have any urgent work to do that morning, because it will be a while before he manages to get anything done. All of his office supplies are stuck in the jelly, so it’s going to be a pretty unproductive morning. Unless you count eating dessert for breakfast as productive, that is.

People Really Need to Learn Not to Steal Their Colleague’s Food

People seriously need to learn not to steal food from their colleagues, especially not their petty colleagues. This guy brought himself some treats to the office, just to have them consistently eaten by someone else. Well, he’s certainly going to get the last laugh.

This petty genius is injecting his donuts with mustard, so whoever’s stealing his food is going to get a nasty surprise. Instead of a custard-filled donut, this unsuspecting thief will bite into a mustard-filled donut. It’s certainly revenge but it’s not so sweet.

When You’re Sick of Your Job

This person had clearly had a bad day at work and wanted some petty revenge on their employer. This photo was taken in a Target and captioned, “As a Target employee, it’s easy to get fed up.” To be fair, we can assume that this employee is severally overworked and shamelessly underpaid.

We imagine that the customers were seriously overusing and abusing the “help” button and this employee had simply had enough. While we have to play devil’s advocate and argue that their person is refusing to do the job they’re being paid to do, we still have to admire the petty brilliance.

We Find That Hard to Believe

This couple got into an argument but still proved that true love prevails. When you really care about someone, you still do acts of kindness for them, despite the fact that they may be irritating you. This woman made her boyfriend a sandwich to take to work but wanted him to know that it was not made with love.

While we appreciate the pettiness, she clearly still loves him, or she wouldn’t have made the sandwich at all. Although we do wonder if it tasted different, having been made without any affection. The fact that this girlfriend felt okay with writing the petty note just shows that she feels comfortable enough in her relationship to express herself. We count that as a win.

When Two Petty People Meet

When two petty people meet, something beautiful happens: They get revenge on an evil person who parks like they own the world. One person asked the question on all our minds, “I wonder if these two people planned their attack or if they just instinctively knew what to do to punish this a**hat?”

However this miraculous event happened, we’re glad it did. Maybe now, this person will learn to park in a way that doesn’t take up the entire parking lot. He will just have to wait until these two people are good and ready to leave. Given how petty they are, that could be a while…

Caught Red-Handed

This photo was aptly titled: RIP Bro. This guy has been caught red-handed and there is no way he can dig himself out. His girlfriend has absolute proof that he’s been cheating and has taken precautions to make sure he can’t deny it. She even spent the money on colored ink!

This woman should become a lawyer if she isn’t already one. She’s put her unfaithful boyfriend on trial and the evidence seems pretty damning. The proof is there for all to see, on large paper, and in color. RIP Bro, indeed, there’s no way you’re getting out of this one alive.

Who Stole Christmas?

This family knows how to do Christmas decorations the petty way. Their reindeer decorations were stolen from their yard, so they replaced them with this Grinch who stole their Christmas, instead. Clearly, this thief didn’t think to keep an out for the security cameras.

This pettiness not only made for awesome Christmas decorations but also served a higher purpose. Now, all the neighbors know who to look out for and it’s unlikely they’ll suffer the same fate as this petty family. Furthermore, if the thief sees his photos on display like that, it’s pretty unlikely that he’ll try to steal again. And this, folks, is why we need some pettiness in our lives.

Well, He Won’t Be Making That Mistake Again

For reasons we will never understand, this guy decided to park his car in the shopping cart section of the supermarket. Luckily, the store’s employees are equally petty and brilliant, and they decided to teach this driver a lesson. We have a feeling that this is one mistake he won’t be making again.

They blocked his car in with all the shopping carts, so there’s no way this guy is getting out anytime soon. Workers, and drivers, everywhere felt vindicated and left comments like “Applause to the employees who left the vehicle closed off.” While applauding the employees, the internet made sure to share its opinion of the driver, calling him a “moron.”

If I Can’t Then No One Can

Clearly, someone was upset with their partner for forgetting to change the toilet paper roll, and they wanted to make their feelings known. It’s that classic, and petty, attitude of “if I can’t have it, then no one can.” They made sure that their partner wasn’t getting any toilet paper that wasn’t earned.

The pettiest part of this prank is that, at a glance, it looks like there’s perfectly usable toilet paper. Someone simply walking into the bathroom would think that the toilet paper is fine and they’d likely go about their business. Like a truly petty prank, the victim will only realize something’s wrong when it’s already too late.

Now, Everyone Knows

Yet another boyfriend cheated and another scorned woman knew better than to just sit at home crying. This woman was out for some sweet, and petty, revenge. Now, everyone knows what a cheater that guy is and other women have been warned to stay away. That basically rules out dating fellow sports fans, for him.

This woman knew better than to throw away perfectly good tickets to a game. Instead, she decided to go herself and enjoy, leaving her cheating ex at home alone. There’s no reason that they should both miss out on the game, right? Our only complaint is that we wish we could’ve seen his face when his ex’s epic sign popped up on TV!

Clearly, They’re a Cat Person

Clearly, this neighbor is more of a cat person, as they implied with the petty note they left on their blinds. Now, every time they close their window to drown out the sound of the dog barking, their neighbors will know exactly why they’re doing it. We wonder if the neighbors feel bad or if they’re also petty?

To be fair, a dog constantly barking loudly can be a huge disturbance for anyone. Why does the dog need to bark so much, anyway? Are the owners not taking care of it? And how are they themselves not bothered by the noise? Maybe they leave the dog home alone all day? Whatever it is, we completely agree with these petty people for saying something.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes, they carry chalk instead. This concerned citizen saw someone parked like an a**hole and knew that they had to do something. This is definitely the type of parking job that you can’t just walk past without taking action. Especially, if you’re a petty person.

This hero explained their actions by saying, “I’ve carried chalk in my car for 10 months JUST so I could do this once. Yesterday was the day.” We’re all grateful that this person carried the chalk around for so long, we definitely think it was worth it. Now, we’re inspired to do the same!

Problem Solved

This person had a problem and, of course, the internet helped them come to a solution. The individual explained that one of their colleagues was eating at this person’s desk when they were out of the office. They said, “Never seen this, and don’t know how to react. Thoughts?” They shouldn’t worry, the internet ALWAYS has thoughts.

One particularly petty person suggested that this worker tape an air horn to their chair the next time they’ll be out of the office. We have a feeling that whoever thought they could sit in someone else’s space to eat, will never make that mistake again! Even better: it sends an entire message to the office to never mess with petty people.