These Puffer Jackets Are Being Stuffed With Wild Flowers Instead of Plastic

The future of fashion is here. One company has finally found a way of making warm puffer jackets without a plastic or down filling, and none of the warmth is compromised. Pangaia is the revolutionary sustainable clothing brand that fills their winter coats with flowers.

These Puffer Jackets Are Being Stuffed With Wild Flowers Instead of Plastic1
Image: Hype Beast

They’ve called it their FLWRDWN range, a play on the words flower and down, and have received high praise for their cruelty-free stance. As they don’t require animal products for their jacket filling, they make for a great option for vegans. Other cruelty-free options do exist on the market but in almost every case they heavily rely on synthetic, unsustainable materials.

This Is Bigger Than Just Fashion

While we might see them as a clothing brand, they actually see themselves rather differently. Pangaia describes themselves as “a materials science company” made up of “scientists, technologists, designers – creating essential products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials.” Clearly, this is much more than fashion. It’s about changing our impact on the planet.

These Puffer Jackets Are Being Stuffed With Wild Flowers Instead of Plastic2
Image: Instagram / maisondefleurs

Pangaia describes its mission “to save Planet Earth.” They believe that thoughtful and smart design starts with scientific research, and they appear to be proving us right. Their flower-filled puffer jackets keep selling out within minutes of going on sale, showing the huge demand for alternative clothing options.

Harvesting the Flowers

They’ve come up with an ingenious way of acquiring the flower filling. “The wild flowers we source are from areas which contribute to habitat restoration, whilst helping to conserve a species of local butterflies. This kind of regenerative agriculture results in a reduction of greenhouse gas production. The method also helps to preserve groundwater, as it doesn’t require irrigation.”

These Puffer Jackets Are Being Stuffed With Wild Flowers Instead of Plastic3
Image: Instagram / pangaia

Not only have they found a holistically-sound way of filling their winter jackets, but they’ve also managed to create a system that benefits the ecosystem. But their FLWRDWN range still isn’t perfect. It’s not entirely plastic-free, as the outer shell and lining of the jacket is made from recycled nylon and recycled polyester materials. Nonetheless, they’ve come up with a solution to one of the biggest problems.

And with their future looking bright, our future’s looking bright. In this image, Eva Kruse, the CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, is pictured in her flower-filled puffer earlier this year. They also recently teamed up with the US-based The Renewal Workshop to ensure that their clothes are being repaired, upcycled, or recycled. We can’t wait to see what they come out with next.