This Digital Artist Has Used AI To Bring Our Favorite Cartoon Characters to Life… Quite Literally

Tue Nov 08 2022

There’s nothing quite like watching a bunch of animated parts moving around your television screen. Not only does it take immense skill to bring animation to life, but cartoons also require strong storylines and impressive jokes. That’s why animated movies and television shows like Shrek, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Toy Story, and Spongebob have proved to be so popular. But what if these animations were less… animated?

We’re used to the cartoonish proportions of our favorite animated characters. We love their larger-than-life eyes, their fairy-tale hair, and we can’t get enough of their caricature-ish lips and teeth. But digital artist Hidreley Diao decided to play around with artificial intelligence and add a human essence to these fictional characters. He’s brought them to life, and the results are truly incredible.

Wilma Flinstone

We love to see a redhead on our screen, and Wilma Flinstone is one of the most famous redheads out there. As the matriarch of the Flinstone family, there’s no doubt that Fred and the rest of the gang in Bedrock would be lost without her. And throughout the many shows and movies about this family, fans fell in love with Wilma’s cavewoman-chic look.

While she looks less like a cavewoman in human form, we can still tell that this is the embodiment of the cartoon character we all know and love. She seems so familiar – and we’re not sure if that’s because she looks like Wilma or because she also looks like Aubrey Hepburn and Lucille Ball. We would love to get this poor woman a neck brace pretty quickly, though.

Charlie Brown

Comics have often been made into animated cartoons, and this has been the case for Charlie Brown. Coming from the Peanuts cartoon strip, Charlie Brown is described as a “lovable loser” – and that’s exactly how we’d describe him. But contrary to popular belief, Charlie Brown does actually have hair besides the tiny twirl on his head…

In fact, Charlie’s creator Charles M. Schulz has confirmed that Charlie actually has short, light-toned hair. Because of this, Hidreley Diao made sure to include this hair within his artificially generated picture of him. And while it’s pretty strange to see Charlie Brown as a real boy, this image also totally makes sense. This is Charlie Brown all over.


In 2016, the world was blessed with a modern-day Disney princess by the name of Moana of Motunui. With her slender, but muscular build and her strong character, Moana was a new princess who pushed back against traditional values. And fans fell in love with her voluminous hair, thick eyebrows, and full lips. But what would she look like in real life?

As Moana was based on the appearance of a real human – rather than the “ideal” human – Hidreley Diao’s human version looks almost exactly the same. Moana has thick hair and eyebrows and a friendly face that looks as though she’d do everything to save her village and her people. Of course, anyone who has seen the musical movie knows that to be true.

Jessica Rabbit

Anyone who has seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit will know that this cartoon is kind of confusing. While the animation and the storyline seem childlike, the inclusion of characters like Jessica Rabbit put a spanner in the works. After all, Jessica Rabbit is sexy, she’s saucy, and she’s not exactly very PG… and neither is her human version.

With her accentuated curves, big lips, fluttering eyelashes, and sexy outfits, Jessica Rabbit was a force to behold. And Hidreley Diao’s version is exactly the same. Although he didn’t generate an image of her body, her face is just as racy in real life. We can’t help but see a hint of Taylor Swift in this human form. Perhaps Taylor could be the next casting option for a live-action Jessica Rabbit movie?

John Smith

Those who have read the true story behind the animated movie Pocahontas will know that it’s a little problematic, but that doesn’t mean that fans haven’t enjoyed the characters on the screen. Of course, Pocahontas is the star of this movie. But fans also fell in love with the blond-haired John Smith.

The real-life Captain John Smith, who inspired the movie character, is described as having “mid-length and he has a beard and mustache,” and that’s basically what Hidreley Diao created. However, we can’t help but think that this John Smith looks a little like the late Paul Walker. Can anyone else see it?

King Harold

No fairytale cartoon would be complete without a royal family, and the Shrek franchise gave us just that… even if it was a bit dysfunctional. As King Harold sat on the throne of Far Far Away, nobody knew that he wasn’t actually a human. But while he was a frog, his appearance was incredibly human-like, with his freckled face, his white hair, and his little tiny beard. And in real AI life, we can see this come to life.

Hidreley Diao’s Photoshopped version of King Harold really does look spot on. It looks as though Harold has stepped through a door between the cartoon and the human world, and he looks like someone who could sit on the human throne. He looks so lifelike, and there’s certainly no hint of frog lingering underneath that little tiny beard.

Lisa Simpson

While we should dislike Lisa Simpson, there’s something about her that’s also so loveable. Sure, she’s an irritating know-it-all who excels in everything she does – but she also has a kind heart and loves her family. Plus, we just can’t take our eyes away from her cartoon hair. Does she have a star-shaped head? Or yellow hair that merges with her skin? This is something Hidreley Diao had to really think about.

In the end, he decided to give Lisa blonde hair slicked back into a bun – and while this doesn’t exactly match up to her cartoon counterpart, Lisa still looks like Lisa. The big eyes are there, the friendly face is there, and the small head is there. In fact, some would say that this Lisa looks like the love-child of Pete Davidson and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Why, it’s Spongebob, of course. While the idea of watching a sea sponge cartoon is pretty strange, there’s no doubt that Spongebob Squarepants has proved extremely popular over the years. It’s the fifth-longest-running American animated series, and fans have fallen head over heels for the famous sea sponge.

While you could argue that a sea sponge wouldn’t have the chance to become human and that this should instead be a picture of a sponge, Hidreley Diao decided to give it a go anyway. The end result is pretty terrifying but also pretty interesting. The teeth are there, the bright blue eyes are there, and the essence of Spongebob is definitely there…


While many animated cartoons are comedies created by television writers, there’s also another branch of animation that some often forget. Yes, we’re talking about manga. Naruto is one of the most famous manga television series of all time, and the main character is known for his blond spiky hair, blue eyes, and the whisker-like markings on his cheeks.

And as you can see, Hidreley Diao got all those features in his real-life, AI-generated picture of Naruto. Of course, human Naruto seems to have found a hairbrush and had a shower, but there’s no doubt that the human picture above is the boy whose only dream is to become the Hokage or the leader of his village.

Marge Simpson

The Simpsons wouldn’t be complete without Marge Simpson and her blue hair. We don’t know where Matt Groening came up with the idea of giving the matriarch of his show tall blue hair, but it totally works… but only on this show. Today, we couldn’t imagine Marge without her hair and her orange pearls, because that’s just what makes Marge, Marge.

Hidreley Diao’s AI-generated image of this famous cartoon character is spot on, also. The blue hair is there, of course, but that’s not what impresses us most. Any die-hard fan of The Simpsons will know that Marge actually has hazel eyes – and Homer even wrote a song about them once. While this is hard to tell in the cartoon animation of Marge, Hidreley made sure her hazel eyes were there.


Pixar is known for bringing impressive cartoons to life, and you can’t talk about Pixar without talking about the one and only Toy Story franchise. And, of course, Toy Story would be nothing without our favorite sheriff Woody. With his slicked-back hair, cowboy aesthetic, and southern charm, we fell in love with Woody on our screens. And we have a feeling that we’d fall hard for human Woody, too.

While some would say there’s a resemblance to Mark Zuckerberg here, it’s still amazing to see the cartoon Woody we’ve all seen in human form – and the features are all still there. From the hair to the warm chestnut eyes, this is Woody alright. But we can’t help but wonder if he has the name “Andy” written on the bottom of his cowboy boot.

Carl Fredricksen

Up is one of Pixar’s most heartbreaking movies to date. But despite making people cry, it’s also considered one of the best animations of all time – and Carl Fredricksen is a huge part of that. This old man started off the movie as a tough nut, but Russell soon managed to crack him. And eventually, fans couldn’t get enough of the man with the glasses.

Although it’s been said that the character of Carl was inspired by real-life actor Ed Asner – who also served as the voice of Carl – Hidreley Diao’s AI generator came up with a man who looked slightly different to Ed. The real-life human version of Carl still has similar wrinkles and glasses, but his jaw is a bit wider, just like the character we saw on our screens.

Betty Rubble

The Flinstones has provided us with some of the coolest cartoon characters of all time, including Betty Rubble. Sure, she might not be the main character in this franchise, but she’s still made her mark. And with her jet-black hair, red lips, and complimentary blue accessories, it’s been hard not to fall in love with what she looks like. But how did Hidreley Diao do with bringing her to life?

While we know this is Betty Rubble, we can’t help but think that the human version of Betty looks just like the actress Jenna Coleman. The facial features are there, the essence of Betty is there, and we know just from a quick look that she’s our favorite cartoon character. We do have to wonder whether this human would have some serious neck-ache at the end of the day, though…

Moe Szyslak

It’s safe to say that Homer Simpson would have struggled without Moe Szyslak in his life. Not only is Moe the owner of Homer’s favorite drinking hole, but he’s also a good friend. And while Moe isn’t a fan of Bart’s prank calls, his relationship with the family is important to him. That’s why fans have fallen in love with the man with the grey curls.

In animated form, Moe’s friends describe him as a “gargoyle with cauliflower ears, lizard lips, little rat eyes, a caveman brow, and fish snout.” Of course, he doesn’t really look that bad, and Hidreley Diao’s AI-generated image proves that. While Moe still has his grey curls and his beady eyes, he certainly looks more like a human than a lizard.

Snow White

With black bobbed hair, brown eyes, ruby-red lips, and skin as white as snow, Snow White is considered one of the most beautiful Disney princesses. In fact, we can understand why the queen got jealous of this princess and why the seven dwarves were so eager to please her. And while we’re used to seeing Snow White in cartoon form, what would she look like in real life?

With the use of artificial intelligence, we can see that a human Snow White would be just as beautiful as the cartoon version. All that she’s missing in this human form is a bow on top of her head, but maybe a modern-day Snow White isn’t quite as taken by this traditional accessory. We guess we’ll see whether Hidreley Diao got this mock-up right when actress Rachel Zegler brings this princess to the big screen in the live-action adaption of Snow White in 2024.

Fred Flinstone

In the town of Bedrock, you can find a modern Stone Age family. And at the head of that family, you will find Fred Flinstone. This fan-favorite cartoon character has been on our screens since the 1960s and wowed us all with his cave-man-like appearance, complete with a loincloth and an impressive head of hair. Yes, this character is “Yabba Dabba Doo.”

Hidreley Diao brought Fred to life with the help of Photoshop and artificial intelligence, and we still absolutely love the more human Fred Flinstone. But we know what you’re thinking… isn’t that just John Goodman? Well, the actor actually took on this role in the 1994 live-action comedy movie. So, we guess the casting directors got this casting pretty spot-on.

Daphne Blake

Many criminals out there know they would have gotten away with their crimes if it weren’t for Daphne Black and the “meddling kids” she calls her friends. Yes, Daphne is a major player within the Mystery Machine, and her antics with Velma, Scooby, and the rest of the gang are legendary. And out of all of Scooby Doo, Daphne has always been considered the most attractive…

Amazingly, she looks even more stunning in real life. While the cartoon version of Daphne blew us away with her red locks and red lips, Hidreley Diao’s AI version is even more impressive. From the sharp eyes to the freckled skin, Daphne would certainly turn heads walking down the street. And now we love her even more.


Fans of Dragon Ball Z will know that this cartoon is so much more than animation. It’s epic storylines, it’s awesome manga writing, and it’s amazing merchandise. Vegeta is a fan-favorite among Dragon Ball Z fans, and it’s not hard to understand why. Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race, and he’s a prince with dark features and an imposing presence.

When Hidreley Diao used his Photoshop and AI skills to bring Vegeta into the human world, he absolutely nailed it. From the strong jaw to the unique hairline, this looks exactly how we’d imagine Vegeta to look. The only thing this human Vegeta doesn’t have is the scouter on his eye. How is he supposed to communicate with his Z fighters without it?

Ralph Wiggum

In almost every cartoon, there’s always a character who’s there for the cute factor. And you probably don’t need us to tell you that Ralph Wiggum takes the cute trophy in The Simpsons. As the son of the town’s police chief, Ralph doesn’t exactly take after his father. Instead, he spends his days with his finger stuck up his nose. But have you ever imagined what Ralph would look like in real life?

While Ralph and every other character in The Simpsons have yellow skin, Hidreley Diao decided to leave jaundice out of the real world for Ralph. Aside from that, his real-life counterpart looks spot on. From the black hair to the chubby face and the big, bright eyes, that’s definitely Ralph Wiggum. In fact, he’s even more adorable as a human.

Woody Woodpecker

Created in 1940, Woody Woodpecker is one of the oldest cartoons in history – and that’s exactly why he’s so iconic. While his character has certainly evolved over the years, his appearance has stayed relatively the same. Now, we know him as the guy with the fiery red hair, the big green eyes, and the rather large mouth. And that’s exactly what Hidreley Diao used to bring Woody to life.

Although some would say that this human Woody Woodpecker is slightly scary with its larger-than-life features, we can still see the remnants of the animated cartoon that has become so iconic over the years. The face looks human, but the essence of this artificially generated picture is Woody through and through.

Homer Simpson

Whether you’re a kid or a full-blown adult, The Simpsons is a riot. This animated comedy has been on our screens since 1989, and while it’s always been a huge success, there was a time when the animation was a little dodgy. Thankfully, it’s not anymore – and now we know Homer for his bald head, big, bright eyes, and his tell-tale stubble.

If we were to imagine Homer Simpson in human form, this would be it. And while some will say that there’s an air of Bruce Willis about this AI-generated image, the features of Homer have been matched perfectly. He even has those few little hairs sitting atop his head. Yes, this is Homer Simpson through and through.


Growing up, The Little Mermaid provided us with some of the greatest Disney songs of all time. While looking at the world through Ariel’s eyes was pretty neat, her beauty gave fans the chance to fall in love with her even more. As the first redheaded princess to grace our screens, the mermaid blew us away… and while we saw what she would look like as a human at the end of the movie, what would she look like if she was a real human?

Well, it seems as though she would be even more beautiful. This AI-generated image showcases Ariel’s red hair in all of its splendor, and Hidreley Diao’s image has even added freckles into the mix. Ariel’s tell-tale blue eyes are there, matching the blue of the ocean. Of course, we’re assuming she doesn’t still have her mermaid tail…


We’ve never been the kind of people to fall in love with ogres, but something about Shrek is weirdly loveable. From his onion-like layers to his green hue, Shrek has become iconic… but did you know that this character was reportedly inspired by a French wrestler from the 1930s?

Of course, there’s no doubt that the facial features look just like Shrek. From the tight-lipped smile to the face shape and the warm eyes, this is what we imagined a human Shrek to look like. But you’ve also probably noticed the same thing that we did. Where’ve his ears gone?! Shrek is not Shrek without his ears.

Prince Eric

It’s not every day you stumble upon a mermaid, but Prince Eric kept his cool when he came across Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Described as having fair skin, short black hair, and ice-blue eyes, it’s no wonder the ocean princess fell in love with this man from the water. He’s considered one of the most attractive princes in the Disney universe… but would he look just as handsome in real life?

Well, it certainly seems so. Human Eric has perfect teeth, beautiful eyes, floppy hair, and dark features that make people swoon. He looks exactly how we’d imagine a Disney prince to look in real life, so we can’t help but think that Hidreley Diao’s AI technology works perfectly. That’s Prince Eric, alright.

Violet Parr

You may know her as Violet Parr, but we also know her as a prominent (although slightly elusive) member of The Incredibles. This Pixar character was created in 2004 for the iconic movie, and she quickly became a fan favorite. After all, most people wish they could become invisible. Violet is certainly not invisible in real life, though…

Although the animated version of Violet is slightly goofy, the human version of Violet looks more like a model than a social reject. With her jet-black hair, her striking eyes, and her round face, this Incredible could find herself on the cover of magazines if she was real. She certainly wouldn’t be the wallflower we know and love her to be.

Stinky Pete

There’s something about old, wise characters that we just love so much. And Stinky Pete seemed like that kind of character. He made his debut in Toy Story 2 and fooled us all, pretending to be a grandfatherly mentor-like character. His true self was ultimately revealed, but there’s no doubt about the fact that this character is still iconic.

And we have to say that Hidreley Diao has done this character justice. Although he made his mark in cartoon form, Stinky Pete looks incredibly real thanks to Hidreley Diao and his artificial intelligence. From the beard to the eyes, Stinky Pete looks just as wise and grandfatherly in real life as he did in animated form.

Olive Oyl

While the Popeye cartoon would be nothing without the main spinach-eating man himself, Olive Oyl has also made her mark. This character was drawn by Popeye‘s creator E. C Segar in 1919 for his comic strip, and she was designed to be the embodiment of beauty at the time. She was of thin form, and her long hair was normally rolled into a bun.

In human form, Olive looks just like the pictures we’ve seen of women who lived during the roaring 20s – and she looks just like her cartoon version! The only difference between the cartoon version of Olive and the Photoshopped version of Olive is that the real Olive has red lipstick on. It’s no wonder Popeye fell in love with her.


In 2013, a brand new Disney creation took the world by storm – quite literally. Frozen became the highest-grossing animated film of all time until its crown was taken away from it in 2019, and fans fell in love with the character of Elsa. With her magical powers, this blonde beauty captivated audiences around the world. And it seems as though she’d be just as beautiful in real life.

Hidreley Diao’s Photoshopped version of Elsa looks like the spitting image of the animated version. The icy blonde hair is there, the red lips are pouting, and her strong eyebrow arch is just as strong as real life. In fact, we could talk about this real-life version of Elsa for hours if you wanted us to… but we should probably let it go and move on.

Ned Flanders

The Simpsons have taught us a lot about life, but it’s also allowed us to realize that we’d love a neighbor like Ned Flanders. We’d love to wake up to a “howdily doodily, neighbor” from him, and we’d probably count down the seconds until we saw his glasses and mustache out of our window. But what could we expect him to look like out of that window?

While this artificial intelligence version of Ned Flanders looks like the perfect mix of Henry Cavill and Bryan Cranston, there’s no doubt about the fact that this is Ned Flanders through and through. He looks just like the man we’ve seen on our screens, except for the fact that his skin is a little less yellow. That must mean his liver is in good health.


You don’t get many movies set in the Scottish Highlands, which is why Brave took everyone by surprise. Not only did this Disney movie give us the chance to see another part of the (animated) world, but it also gave us the chance to fall in love with a different kind of Disney Princess. Merida is strong, independent, and most importantly… she’s brave.

When Hidreley Diao was mapping out his AI transformation for Merida, he, of course, knew that he would need to get her most defining feature spot-on. And it’s safe to say that she looks absolutely perfect with her wild red hair. He’s even managed to perfect her light blue eyes and the freckles on her face. She looks like the ultimate Scottish princess.


We’ve seen her love interest, John Smith – but what about the main woman herself? Pocahontas wouldn’t have been the epic movie it was without this leading lady, and while her real story was extremely problematic and traumatic, her animated depiction was strong and impressive. And Hidreley Diao obviously had to recreate her in real life.

Although we can’t see her beautiful tribal dress or her stunning necklace, the human Pocahontas still looks like the woman we’ve watched on our screens. She looks as though she’s stepped out from behind the screen and onto the street in front of us, and she looks just as attractive as we thought she would.


If you’ve ever wanted to be a member of the Mystery Machine, then you’re not alone. Scooby-Doo has inspired us all to look a little deeper to find clues and solve mysteries. And when you think of turning the cast of Scooby-Doo human, you normally think of the animated human characters – but Hidreley Diao has done one better than that.

Who says that you can only turn humans into real-life humans? This image shows us exactly what Scooby-Doo himself would look like if he wasn’t a dog, and, strangely, it totally makes sense. While we had never imagined it before, the cheesy grin and the eyebrows are all there. And now we won’t be able to un-see it.

Sailor Moon

Manga franchises often don’t get the front-row fame they deserve, but they still have devoted fans across the globe. And Sailor Moon is one of them. From printed manga to anime television shows, Usagi Tsukino is everywhere. But as one of the most popular cosplay options in the anime world, we’ve seen countless people dress up as Sailor Moon. So, what would she really look like in real life?

Just like the many cosplay outfits we’ve come across, the human Sailor Moon has exaggerated features we know and love. She has big eyes, a petite face, perfect hair, and a textbook cupid’s bow on her lips. But there’s something about seeing an exact artificial replica of our favorite animated character that makes us love Hidreley Diao’s version more than any cosplayer we’ve seen.

Mr. Potato Head

You probably don’t need us to tell you that the Toy Story franchise has brought us countless iconic animated characters. From Buzz Lightyear to Jessie, these Pixar characters have spawned spin-offs and merchandise. But perhaps the most complicated character of all just has to be Mr. Potato Head. Mostly because he’s made up of so many pieces. But what would he look like in real life?

Although humans don’t have limbs and body parts that can be pulled apart and moved around, Hidreley Diao’s human version still looks how we’d imagine Mr. Potato Head to look. The shape of his head is spot-on, his mustache is on point, and the ears are there. Weirdly, this human Mr. Potato Head also looks a little like Steve Harvey…

Meg Griffin

Although a lot of parents won’t let their kids watch Family Guy, it’s become a hugely popular animated cartoon for adults – and it’s not hard to understand why. From the hilarious jokes to the classic animation, the characters have become our best friends. And, of course, Meg Griffin is one of them.

We don’t know if it’s the accessories or the artificial intelligence, but this Photoshopped version of an animated character is one of Hidreley Diao’s best. Meg looks as though she’s always been a human, and her human form looks so natural. Sure, the pink hat and glasses probably contribute to that… but let’s still give him a round of applause.

Joe Gardner

Over the years, Pixar has really stepped out of its animated comfort zones. Instead of dishing out the same heartfelt movie about love and friendship, they are tackling more difficult and complex subjects. The 2020 movie Soul sees a burgeoning jazz musician seek to reunite his soul and his body – and Joe Gardner was that jazz musician.

Although this character was voiced by Jamie Foxx, it’s safe to say that Joe doesn’t look like the actor – neither in animated or human form. By bringing Joe to life through the help of artificial intelligence, we can see that Joe was totally different. He has thick-rimmed glasses, an adorably chubby face, a happy smile, and, of course, the hat that we all fell in love with.


She’s not your average Disney fairy, but Tinkerbell has certainly made her mark on the animated world. This little lady first made her appearance in the 1904 play Peter Pan and has since appeared in other writings, television shows, and movies. But most people know her as the fairy from the 1953 animated Walt Disney film, with her blonde hair, her green dress, and her cute fairy wings.

In the process of turning this animated fairy into a real-life human, Hidreley Diao managed to get the likeness spot-on. The only thing missing from this version is her wings – but we’re still waiting for the day that humans grow wings, so we guess that makes sense. Is anyone else getting some serious Taylor Swift vibes here?

Milhouse Van Houten

By now, you should all know that with every strong character there’s always going to be a friend who isn’t quite of the same caliber. And when it comes to Bart Simpson… Milhouse Van Houton is that friend. With his inhaler, his glasses, and his scared-of-everything personality, he’s become a fan-favorite character. And in real life, we bet he’ll be your favorite too.

The Simpsons are known for randomly giving characters blue hair, and Milhouse has been given that treatment too. This artificially-generated version of this character looks spot-on. From his blue locks to his slightly large nose and his glasses, he certainly looks like the stereotypical nerd he’s portrayed to be on our screens.

Helen Parr

Every animated movie needs a matriarch, and Helen Parr is one of our favorites. As the head of the Parr family, she’s not a regular mom… she’s a supermom. This superhero also goes by the name Elastigirl, and she turned The Incredibles into one of Pixar’s most popular animated movies. So, what would Helen look like in real life?

Well, Hidreley Diao’s Photoshopped version looks exactly how you’d expect it to. Although Helen is the kind of cartoon who already looks pretty normal, her human counterpart looks even more normal – making her superpowers even more impressive. But we guess that’s how this superhero family was able to slip under the radar so well.

Lady Tremaine

We all know Lady Tremaine as the evil stepmother of Cinderella in the classic Disney movie of the same name from 1950. She is a cruel, conniving woman with a heart of ice who loves nothing more than to torment her stepdaughter. An older woman with an angular face, a pointed nose, and a head of grey-streaked hair, she was depicted wearing a long, tight-fitting dress with a high lace collar.

We couldn’t have better predicted what a real-life version of the evil stepmom would look like today. Ai has totally captured her stern and disapproving gaze, and we feel as though we can almost hear her low, intimidating voice like from the movies. Amazingly, even the makeup looks exactly like it was animated in the movie.

Peter Griffin

As the main character from the popular animated television series Family Guy, Peter Griffin is a middle-aged man living in Quahog, Rhode Island, with his wife Lois, their three children, Meg, Chris, and Stewie, and their talking family dog, Brian. Voiced by Seth MacFarlane, also the show’s creator, he’s depicted as an overweight and clumsy man with a bald head and a thick New England accent.

We love how AI captured Peter’s goofy character, stemming from his juvenile sense of humor. We half-expect this AI-rendered image to start moving his lips and telling a dad joke. It also kept Peter’s famously bulbous chin, rose-tipped nose, and large cheeks. But interestingly, if you look closely at the top of Peter’s head, you can see that they added a bald head and comb-over style.

Princess Jasmine

As the beloved princess from Disney’s Aladdin, Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah and is strong-willed, independent, and determined. Her character is extremely determined to be in control of her own destiny and has a strong sense of justice and determination which she uses to try to make a difference in the lives of those in her kingdom. It’s not hard to imagine why she’s such a beloved cartoon character.

AI appears to have done a great job recreating her beautiful facial features. We can see those large, dark, almond-shaped eyes have been rendered in her real-life image, along with her wavy black hair, defined eyebrows, and rose-petal lips. We do notice, however, that AI has changed her hair quite a bit, presumably giving her a shorter style and swapping out the middle parting.

Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider is the protagonist of the 2010 Disney movie Tangled. He is a thief and a liar, using his charm and wit to take advantage of people – at least, that’s how he starts off in the story. Eventually, Flynn changes his ways, choosing to help Rapunzel, the princess of the kingdom, escape from the tower she’s been held in since birth.

Appearance-wise, the animated version of Flynn wears his beard in a goatee style. But the AI-rendered image of him has taken away the patch of face fuzz and replaced it with a two-day-old shave, giving him just the slightest bit of stubble. It also captured his sultry gaze and slight upturned smirk but kept his long hair and prominent nose.

Princess Tiana

The much beloved Princess Tiana is a fictional character from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. She is the first African-American princess to come out of Disney and was inspired by the real-life New Orleans Jazz Era of the 1920s. She is depicted as a beautiful, ambitious, hardworking, and determined young woman, who teaches us to never give up and to always stay true to ourselves.

AI totally captured Princess Tiana’s arresting smile and gorgeous facial features. It managed to keep her signature hairstyle, too, as she was depicted in the animated movie wearing it in a long, wavy style, with a side part and tied back. We also love that the rendered image shows her wearing a subtly cat-eye, which is something we see in the cartoon version, too.

Mirabel Madrigal

Those who have seen the 2021 Disney movie Encanto will be familiar with Mirabel Madrigal, the young woman who discovers she has magical powers that allow her to talk to animals and make things grow. In the cartoon, she must use her newfound powers to save her family’s enchanted home and her family’s legacy. Along the way, she meets a variety of colorful characters, learns important lessons, and discovers the power of true love.

In the movie, Mirabel is depicted as having a petite frame with curly black hair and tanned skin – all of which have carried over into the AI-rendered image. In the real-life version of Mirabel, she also has almond-shaped brown eyes and an adorable smile. Her wardrobe consists of colorful, traditional Mexican clothing, which is something that the AI clearly picked up on.