We’re Going to Assume That You’ve Never Seen Fruits and Veggies Quite Like This Before

Wed Oct 20 2021

There’s a high chance that you’ve experienced pareidolia countless times over the years. Yep, pareidolia is the tendency to see familiar patterns or objects in completely unrelated things – and it’s never been cooler to see things that aren’t actually there.

And while most people have seen familiar patterns in the clouds and recognizable images on their burnt toast, it seems as though fruits and vegetables are often the quirkiest subjects of them all. From peppers that look like dinosaurs to yams that have witch-like fingers, these fruits and veggies have truly become something else.

Evolution at Its Finest

If you’ve ever doubted evolution, then take a look at this radish. And once you’ve looked, look again to make sure you definitely saw its arms… It’s legs… It’s incredible hair. Not only is it flourishing in its natural environment, but it’s also evolving right before our very eyes!

Of course, we know this radish is an enigma, but it’s still pretty cool. Whoever grew this radish must have been pretty proud of what they created, so much so that they wanted to stand it up to showcase its full, leggy potential. Either that or the radish is getting ready to drop the sickest mixtape of the decade.

What Came First?

One of the biggest philosophical and scientific questions of all time is “What came first… the chicken? Or the egg?” Well, this example of pareidolia has also thrown a similar question into the ring. And now we really want to know what came first. Was it the chicken? Or the strawberry? We just can’t make our minds up.

Whatever the answer is, this is perhaps one of the most intriguing fruits we’ve ever seen. From the head to the little tail feathers, this strawberry really does look like a chicken! We’re going to assume that it definitely tastes like a strawberry, though. At least we hope it does.

The Potato Who Must Not Be Named

We know that Voldemort is no longer around (thank goodness), but we do know that He Who Must Not Be Named has a history of possessing other people. First, there was Professor Quirrell, then there was Ginny through Tom Riddle’s diary. So, don’t blame us for thinking that this pareidolia potato could be the work of the darkest wizard of all time.

Either that or this baked potato took its own name literally – because it looks a little dehydrated, to say the least. Whether this potato needs Harry Potter to save him or just some munchies to keep him going, it’s safe to say that it’s certainly put a smile on our faces. It’s pretty cute, after all.

A Seriously Angry Onion

If you cast your mind back to the year 2010, you might remember that the whole world was obsessed with the Angry Birds game. While it was perhaps one of the most infuriating video games we’ve ever played, it took fans by storm – before it then went out of fashion like many other pop culture trends before it.

But while we forgot about the seriously angry birds in this game, it seems as though the angry birds haven’t forgotten us… and they decided to show up unannounced in this grocery store to give this shopper a little ‘what for.’ The likeness really is uncanny, and we can certainly see the angriness. It’s right there, loud and proud.

I Solemnly Swear That I’m Not a Human Hand

We’ve watched enough crime dramas to know that finding something that looks like this in the ground isn’t exactly something you want to find. From the spindly finger-like talons to the long wrist, this looks just like a human hand! But thanks to good ol’ pareidolia, it turns out that it’s just a yam that looks suspiciously like a piece of a cadaver.

Nevertheless, we bet it was a shock for the person who pulled this out of their soil. They probably reached into their pocket to call the NCIS team or the experts from Law & Order before realizing that they hadn’t just uncovered a crime scene. What a relief!

“Feed Me, Seymour!”

If you’ve ever watched Little Shop of Horrors, you’ll probably feel a little familiarity when you look at this picture. After all, this pumpkin looks just like Audrey II! And while we know that whatever you do, you shouldn’t feed the plants, it seems as though the person who planted this pumpkin didn’t get that memo.

We don’t know what this plant lover put in the soil, but somehow this little pumpkin grew some teeth and completely transformed into a monster. Weirdly, it’s still quite cute. Despite the fact that it looks as though it could rip your insides out.

Paint Me Like One of Your French Radishes

Pareidolia can create some pretty hilarious circumstances, especially for people who just buy a few fruits and vegetables for their refrigerator. While the person who bought this radish probably expected to just chop it up and put it in a salad, they ultimately came up with one of the coolest pop-culture cross-overs of all time.

Yep, this is what you get when you cross the vegetable world with Titanic, and it’s probably the sauciest thing we’ve ever seen from a vegetable. We just really hope that someone did paint this radish like one of their French girls. And we really hope it’s for sale.

Oh My Gourd It’s a Snail

Whether you love pumpkins during the spooky season or fresh melon on a summer’s day, gourds come in all shapes and sizes for everyone to enjoy. And while we always thought we knew a fair bit about gourds, it seems as though we didn’t quite know as much as we thought. For example, we’ve never seen a snail gourd before… until now.

Of course, this is just a quirky feat of pareidolia, but it’s still pretty awesome. What’s even more incredible is that if you disregard the green shell part of this snail gourd, then it looks exactly like Sid the Sloth from the Ice Age movies.

Oh, Is That You Bergine?

Whether you call it an eggplant or an aubergine, there’s no denying that this is one of them. And while this fruit (yep, it’s technically a fruit) may often be used as an emoji to a potential suitor, it’s also pretty delicious when cooked. But this pareidolia situation is making us very confused.

We’re just going to go ahead and assume that this eggplant is called Bergine – and although the person who found him added his eyes and mouth, the nose is all real. From his little hairdo to his intriguing nose, this is the kind of eggplant you wouldn’t want to eat.

Having a Glass of Milkweed

While it’s not technically a fruit or a vegetable, milkweed is a perennial, flowering plant – and it definitely deserves its place in the spotlight. Especially because a little pareidolia situation coupled up with this milkweed turns this plant into beautiful birds. Are they parrots or hummingbirds? We’ll let you decide on that one.

This person was all of us when they stumbled upon these stunning creations. Instead of just admiring them from afar, they picked them up and placed them around a glass as though they were drinking. Or perhaps having a very important meeting amongst the parrot and hummingbird kingdoms.

Introducing You to the Lemelephant

Science has advanced exponentially over the years, but not as far as cross-breeding an elephant and a lemon. Because of this, we don’t exactly know what a Lemelephant would look like – but we’re going to assume that this would be pretty close. But on a much larger scale, of course.

If we stumbled across a lemon that looks like an elephant, there’s no doubt in our minds that we would do everything in our power to keep it safe and fresh for the rest of time. We have a feeling that a moldy Lemelephant is not something you’d want to see poking out of your fruit bowl when you wake up in the morning.

Welcome…To Spicy Jurassic Park

Have you ever wondered what Jurassic Park would have been like if the dinosaurs didn’t cause such a ruckus? It could have been a great adventure if the humans and dinosaurs found harmony together – but at least they were good movies. And while many people tried to avoid the nasty T-Rex, it seems as though we just can’t get rid of them.

When buying some jalapeño peppers from the grocery store, this person just happened to come across this pepper that looks just like a T-Rex! From the shape of the head to those gnarly teeth, we just know that this pepper would have come with an extra bit of spice.

You Say Tomato, We Say Tomateeth

You say potato, we say pot-ah-toe. You say tomato, we say tom-ay-teeth. Because there’s only no other word for the pareidolia situation we have in front of us. Of course, we appreciate that every tomato is different once you cut inside it… but this one is totally new. And a little bit creepy.

Not only does this tomato have a face, but it also has teeth! Perhaps this is from some kind of new dimension where the tomatoes eat humans as payback. And this particular tomateeth looks like it’s out for blood. Perhaps steer clear of the tomatoes next time you’re in the grocery store…

Be Still My Beeting Heart…

Although Hallmark cards and popular culture have taught us that hearts should be two curves folding into one, the biological anatomy of a heart is very different. It’s not quite as romantic, we’re afraid, but it still does the job – quite literally. And this beetroot has got it spot on.

Yep, be still our beeting hearts because this beetroot looks just like the one that’s beating inside of you right now. From the shape to the two main ventricles, it even looks around the right size for your heart. This one is probably a bit tastier than the real thing, though.

Then Add a Thumb of Ginger

If you’re the kind of person who loves to cook from recipe books, then this case of pareidolia might hit a little too close to home for you. That’s because many recipes call for a “thumb of ginger.” And while this would normally showcase the quantity of ginger needed, what’s below is quite literally a thumb of ginger…

Thankfully, this isn’t actually a thumb – but it certainly looks like one! This ginger has grown in such a way that it looks as though it has a nail, the knuckle, and even a few wrinkles. It’s almost a little too perfect if you ask us, but that just shows us the beauty of the phenomenon. Science is cool.

When Two Different Food Groups Join Forces

Trying to eat a balanced diet can be hard. You need to make sure that you’re eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables, enough protein, enough carbohydrates, and don’t even get us started on all of the other nutrients. But in this weird familiarity encounter, this potato seems to have become two different food groups in one.

Yep, this could be a potato – or is it also a lobster? The shape of the potato is certainly reminiscent of the crustacean, and then the strange roots look just like its antennas. It’s your protein and your carbs all in one, and if this actually existed in real life we bet they would fly off the shelves.

She Thought He Did Not Carrot All

Many people find it hard to show their nearest and dearest that they love them – and that’s totally okay. However you show your love and affection is up to you, but if you struggle to hug or say “I love you” then why not send them this picture instead? Because then they will know that it’s not that you do not carrot all. You just care in your own way.

You can thank this neat piece of pareidolia for that. But you also need to thank these carrots as well. There must have been some strange things going on underground for them to grow like that – but we’re into it. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And like we need a hug.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

When you look at things like this, it’s easy to see that the natural world really is remarkable. And it’s no wonder so many of us experience pareidolia on a regular basis. This should have been just a normal radish… but instead, it’s grown into an epic (and perhaps slightly swollen) foot!

It’s pretty wild that vegetables can grow in that way, and we have a feeling that if more fruits and veggies looked like this more kids would be inclined to eat them. After all, who wouldn’t want to go on a mission to find the Sasquatch’s stinky feet before dinner to work up a hearty appetite?

This Tomato Believed It Could Fly

When you were younger, you probably dreamed of flying around your neighborhood. And now that you’re older, flying is probably the superpower you’d pick if you had the chance. And we totally get it. The idea of flying around like a bird or a butterfly is definitely enticing… and we guess it was for this tomato, too.

And while this tomato butterfly is beautiful, we do have a very important question about it. Did this butterfly tomato originally start as a tomato caterpillar? We guess we’ll never know, so we’ll just leave this amazing phenomenon to continue flying like a butterfly and stinging like a tomato!

The Seal of Approval

There’s a reason that seals are called the dogs of the sea. They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re just all-around goofy. They like to have fun with their seal friends, splash around in the ocean – and, apparently, ride around on pen skateboards pretending to be potatoes.

Or is it the other way around? Is the potato a seal? Either way, this is perhaps one of the cutest sweet potatoes we’ve ever seen and it’s safe to say that it needs to be protected at all costs. If this person was planning on making a sweet potato pie, we really hope that they ditched that plan and kept the seal safe instead.

This Carrot Is Just Living Its Best Life

For hundreds of years, the world has questioned whether the likes of plants, fruits, and vegetables have feelings. We’ve all heard the rumor that grass screams when you cut it, right? And while we’ve had no definitive proof as of yet, we’d like to present to you exhibit A.

Although this carrot may not be able to talk, it’s straight-up vibing. Yep, this thing is living its best life and preparing to rap for its whole carrot family – and if that’s not a feeling then we don’t know what is. Let’s just hope the carrot managed to finish its performance before it was made into a soup.

When the Emojis Come to Life

No matter how old you are, the poop emoji will always be relevant. It’s funny, it’s cheeky, and it’s an exciting emoji to send to people whenever you want. And while we’ve dealt with this particular emoji being made into cushions, keyrings, and other merchandise, this is the first time we’ve seen an eggplant poop emoji.

Yep, it’s almost like two of Apple’s most popular emojis have come to life. And that’s before we mention that this one is actually edible! It would be pretty strange seeing this eggplant on your dinner table, but we guess that’s what you call switching things up. Oh, pareidolia is awesome.