Bizarre, Awkward, and Hilarious Festivals Moments That Show Music Lovers for Who They Really Are

You don’t have to be a regular festival-goer to know that it gets messy. Festivals are a haven for all kinds of people looking to get out of their homes and daily routines. Some people go for relaxed vibes under the sun, some go for the live music and community, and others go to get out-of-their-mind inebriated. For what is officially termed an organized concert, it often gets pretty chaotic. And while many music festivals were put on pause during the height of the pandemic, many revelers have come back with a vengeance. These laughable Kodak moments are especially unique to festivals and prove that at these outdoor events, anything can happen.

Then and Now: Long Forgotten Celebs Who Decided to Leave Hollywood Of Their Own Accord

While diamonds are made under pressure, too much can cause them to crack – and it seems as though some of these long-forgotten celebs just couldn’t handle Hollywood. While they were once at the top of their game with impressive careers in front of them, they ultimately decided to leave the bright lights of Tinseltown behind. Now, they’re living off their earnings and enjoying a more humble life out of the spotlight. And some of them look totally different.

These Are the Highest-Paid Celebrity Assistants in Hollywood, but Are Their Awful Bosses Worth It?

Almost every celebrity in Hollywood has a personal assistant on their payroll. These assistants organize their diaries, answer their phone calls, manage their travel arrangements, and some are even tasked with smelling their armpits! And while some celebs pay their right-hand people a hefty sum for their hard and often bizarre work, there are others who expect the world for a measly wage. This is how much these celebrity assistants really get paid.

This Savvy Sister Transformed an Old School Bus Into an Accessible Home for Her Paralyzed Brother

When 28-year-old Sam Scribner found himself paralyzed at such a young age, he knew that there were two options; either he could wallow in self-pity and let his disability rule his life, or he could take life by the horns and rule his disability. He opted to do the latter, and with a huge helping hand from his super-savvy sister, he’s now living life on the road in his converted – and 100% accessible – school bus. Just wait until you see inside.

This Photoshop Master Takes His Customer Requests a Little Too Literally and the Results Are Hilarious 

Whether it’s an unwanted photobomber or an ex-boyfriend in the shot, people always want to change something about their photos. And that’s where British Photoshop wizard James Fridman comes into the picture. This graphic designer has been taking photo requests for years, but during that time he’s also been able to turn trolling into the ultimate art form. Yep, the people who ask James for help obviously didn’t get the memo that you need to be careful what you ask for…

Animal Therapy: These Wholesome Animal Pics Are Sure To Put a Smile on Your Face

We don’t know who gave animals permission to be so cute and adorable, but we guess it just comes to them naturally – and these pictures prove it. From doggy best friends to emotional support rats, it’s impossible to look at these wholesome photos of animals and NOT smile. But if you don’t believe us, test it out for yourselves and see how many pictures you can look at with a straight face.

Eco-Friendly… Not! These Celebrities Are Considered To Be the Worst Climate Offenders Hollywood Has To Offer

Although many celebrities claim to be passionate about our planet, their actions and their lifestyles would suggest otherwise. From 10-minute private jet rides to gas-guzzling supercars and wasteful parties and events, these celebrities really don’t seem to care about the environment. And while the average person produces around 10 tons of carbon dioxide each year, our favorite A-listers are producing that every single day… but who’s the worst offender?

Photos of Earth’s Prehistoric Relics Are Bringing the Ancient World to Life

We live in incredible times, where we’re given glimpses of the very distant past through fossils and mummies. And as the human race, we’re constantly coming to new realizations about life on earth before Homo sapiens. But in the last few years especially, things we thought we knew about prehistoric life have been challenged by recent discoveries. From out-of-this-world beauty to unfathomable proportions, photos of incredible findings from around the planet really put things into perspective. We don’t know what happened between now and then, but clearly, Mother Nature was playing by a totally different set of rules.

Inside Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel’s Rocky Relationship and the Cheating Rumors That Have Followed Them For Years

Goldie and Kurt are arguably one of the most successful couples in Hollywood; both in terms of their personal relationship and their professional careers. They’ve proven to everyone that love in the limelight can work, but that’s not to say that it’s been easy. Kurt himself even confessed that “We’ve had ups, downs, sideways, and everything else,” and that probably has something to do with the fact that their relationship has been plagued with cheating rumors. So, how much truth is in these rumors?

Delve Into the Beach Boys’ Sinister Connection to Charles Manson That They Tried and Failed to Cover Up

Looking back at their places in history, The Beach Boys and Charles Manson had nothing in common. But what many people don’t realize is that both of their legacies intertwined in a way that changed everything. In fact, if it wasn’t for The Beach Boys’ Dennis Wilson, Charles Manson would never have known that 10050 Cielo Drive existed, and maybe Hollywood would look a little different today.

This Couple Bought an Abandoned Estate for $155,000 and Transformed It Into the House of Their Dreams

While Abby and Trey were hoping to buy a normal, everyday house they could move right into – they instead found themselves drawn to a six-bedroom mansion that normally would have been way out of their price range. But it wasn’t a fancy, luxurious mansion that we’re used to seeing on shows like Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listing. Page Mansion was old, overgrown, and almost uninhabitable, and the couple have since spent a huge amount of time, money, and energy restoring it to its former glory. Just wait until you see the end result.