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Folks Are Transforming Their Scars, Birthmarks, and Skin Abnormalities Into Awesome Body Art

There are all kinds of reasons why people get tattoos. But there’s one tattoo trend that’s making people feel especially empowered as it’s changing the way that people see themselves. Scars, birthmarks, and other skin abnormalities used to give these people a negative self-image and low self-esteem. But by inking themselves on or around the mark, people are transforming their bodies into works of art. Because of the work of these talented tattoo artists, people are highlighting their scars instead of hiding them from the world. It doesn’t take away difficult memories or traumatic experiences, but it does change people’s association with them, and that is truly life-changing. Whatever your feelings about tattoos are, these special ones are sure to leave you feeling moved.

Girl Dads are Sharing Photos of Their Daddy-Daughter Makeup Sessions and We Can’t Get Enough

These loving dads prove that they’ll do anything for their daughters. It all started when one girl dad on Twitter shared a hilarious selfie, showing him with a full face of makeup on. He had no idea that he was starting an online revolution of dads sharing their daddy-daughter makeover moments. Before he knew it, dads from all over the country (and the world) were chiming in to show their support and welcome him into the club. Take a look at some of the best girl dad photos shared in an epic Twitter thread; we guarantee that it will restore your faith in humanity!

These Celebs Were Once Considered the Most Attractive People Alive… This Is What They Look Like Now

Every year, People magazine crowns one lucky man the “Sexiest Man Alive” and one lucky lady the “Most Beautiful” – and it’s safe to say that the competition is always pretty fierce. They are coveted prizes that only the most visually pleasing are even considered for, and in some cases it’s thrust winners even further into the Tinseltown spotlight. But that’s not always the case. Some of the winners from yesteryear have since disappeared from view, and there are even more who now look totally different…

Steve Irwin’s Recently Unearthed Letter to His Father Bob Makes Their Family Feud Even Sadder

Yes, behind one of the world’s happiest and most famous families lies relationships that are fraught with tension – leaving some individuals shoved to the sidelines. But how would Steve feel about the growing hostility amongst those he loved most dear? Well, a recently unearthed letter written by Steve almost two decades ago sheds light on the family feud, and makes the whole situation even more unsettling.

State of the Art Robots That We’ll Be Seeing a Lot More of in the Near Future

It’s still to be seen whether robots will take over the world one day, but it is clear that they are becoming more a part of our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence is going from strength to strength. The manufacturing process is becoming more refined each passing year, and robots are getting harder to tell apart from actual people. On top of that, some of them are proving to be even better at our jobs. Take a look at the most advanced androids in the world that we can expect to see more of in the near future.

These Celebrities May Have Made It Big but They Never Forgot Where They Came From

Although they’re rich and famous, these celebrities never forgot where they came from. In fact, many of them credit their Hollywood success to their small-town upbringing. From supporting their local sports teams to starting charities, to moving back home, these celebrities love to show off their roots. See these state’s most famous fans and why these A-listers are so proud of where they’re from.